Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NYC: Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts @ IFC

A Morning Stroll: A three part short where a chicken casually strolls down the sidewalks of NYC.  The really simple linear, black and white animation at the beginning of this short was perfectly reminiscent of vintage comics. The second part, set in modern day, was creative and colorful, incorporating a zombie iphone app.  Unfortunately, the end is where they really lost me. 

Maybe I just have an aversion to the site of an apocalypse in NYC when I'm trying to watch a cartoon.

Dimanche:   I'm not French.  I can be a little dense on occasion.  I am not on hallucinagens. 

It could be a lot of things, but I just did not get this.  Was the bear a stuffed head or was he sticking his head through the window?  The coin on the train track had to do with what?  I was left completely clueless.  I did come to the conclusion that French Provincial Christian life must be pretty boring... and sad.

La Luna: Dear Pixar, I love you, but I need to see other people (read: the little guy).

The visuals are always immaculate, the story concise and adorable.  The final product is consistent perfection.  This time was no different--- 3 generations of Italian men rake away the shooting stars from the surface of the moon to create the crescent.  Two themes were apparent to me; family and questioning assumptions.  Many times children come into their own and in so doing teach parents and grandparents a better way of doing things.  Additionally, assumptions about what is readily apparent or the way things should be done should always be questioned. 
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore: With the death of book stores as we know them, this homage to the Wizard of Oz was timely, poignant, and breathtaking.  The Lion and I not only have a thirst for knowledge, we seek out personal stories.  Honoring people's life experiences and creativity is at the heart of building and maintaining a community.  I'll stop waxing philosophical--- just see it.  OUR PICK. (bar none)

Wild Life: The comets were completely unneccessary in my opinion and the story was sort of fatalistic.  The watercolor work was mesmerizing and the short could have been on mute. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

NYC: Hot Chocolate Food Crawl

NYC Food Crawl Presents: the January Hot Chocolate Crawl (nycfoodcrawl.blogspot.com)A popularly requested winter favorite, the Food Crawl is back in January with the Hot Chocolate Crawl. We haven't gone crawling for cocoa since 2009, and I'm excited to invite everyone back to the 2012 edition!
Beginning in SoHo, we'll be visiting some of the best hot chocolate purveyors in the city. Given that 2012 is the end of the world for Aztecs, it seems fitting to kick off the year with a crawl for the traditional Aztec beverage. Although originally served as a bitter, high cacao percentage blend, the hot chocolate we'l be sampling also comes in sweeter varieties. There will be recipes to satisfy every taste!
Crawl team assignments and route maps will be provided. Or, bring friends and make your own team. Pay as you go, go at your own pace, and make new friends!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

NYC: @ Dixon Place

Half-Baked Works
Everyone's had a brilliant idea that's been stalled half-way to realization. Some exotic slice of pizza you could only nibble at; Chinese Democracy; whatever example floats your unfinished boat, or that catamaran you bought, but never sailed. In that spirit, please join us for the first installment of the Writer's Bloc at Dixon Place, where each month, musicians pair up and work to resurrect and complete each other's beloved, but perpetually incomplete works, and then debut them together, live. Afterward, stick around for drinks and an open mic salon, where any and all are welcome to perform their still half-baked songs, in search of a better half to finish them off (musickers, bring your musicmakers). With Natti Vogel, Dara Eagle, Sara Banleigh, and Jonny B. Goodman.

First Performance

Second Performance

Friday, January 13, 2012